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Become a Global Agent with IRES

Since 2007, more than 5,000 real estate agents around the world have gained their International Real Estate Specialist (I.R.E.S.) designation.

The IRES designation was co-founded by Audree Mevellec, in conjunction with Castles & Estates Magazine, to offer real estate agents the knowledge and the experience of Mevellec's success in the international and national real estate markets with the full understanding of legal, financing and economic aspects.

"Our certification deals with international clients who want to buy or sell properties in the U.S., helps U.S. clients buy or sell properties abroad, market domestic and international properties around the world, obtain legal and financing perspectives for international properties and probably most importantly helps agents obtain more local listings," says Mevellec.

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Posted on May 03, 2010 15:37:22 by Blog Author Broker.IPTV

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