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How to Dominate On-Line

netbook-surfing.jpgIs your website working for you? The key to on-line domination is to target market, according to Michael Russer, CEO of Russer Communications.  Focus on what you do best to achieve more success.

What is Your Market?

What do you specialize in? Your specialty market might be a geographic location or a specific market segment, such as retirees or first time buyers.   

Find the Passion

If you want to dominate in a certain market, you must be passionate about it or... go home, as they say.  For instance, if your specialty is golf course homes, you should be involved in that community and of course you must love playing golf.

"It's common for agents to decide, 'Well, I'll just specialize in the area where I live.'" writes Bernice Ross, real estate coach.  "This can be a great decision, provided that you do the necessary work to become the dominant player in your market. Sometimes, however, the area where you live is a poor choice."  It's important to evaluate the market you choose and determine if it is a good choice re: turnover, market values, etc.    (Read:  Here's to a Successful 2013)

Attract More Online Visitors

What happens when someone visits your website?  Do they find what they are looking for easily and quickly? Provide your website visitors with content they can't read anywhere else. 

Keep your site up to date and easy to navigate and read.  Use bold headlines to grab attention and enticing your visitors to explore your site.

Offer free downloads of information about your specialty and make sure your website loads quickly, no one will wait around long.  Ask for some quick information before the download to capture the lead. 

The goal is to keep web visitors on your site as long as possible.  "If your website does not provide the experience the consumer wants, the money you spent to acquire that web lead is wasted." says Ross.  

Build Your Business Faster Online

Consumers will search for services and goods online before they hire you.  In order to dominate online, you must first address what market you will target rather than how to drive traffic to your site.  Failure to focus on what you do best will lose clients and make your website get lost in the crowd.

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