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    Television Show with Online Video Launches for Local Denver Businesses

    Television Show with Online Video Launches for Local Denver Businesses

    Denver, CO-- IPTVBoyz, LLC announces Denver's newest media network for local businesses -- a themed half-hour television show combined with a custom web portal with streaming video and blog capabilities.  This new turnkey media package includes content syndication to over thirty relevant social media sites to build web relevance and search ranking.

    The TV show features a host conducting on-air interviews with owners focusing on their businesses. Broadcast on Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network, and KCDO-TV, the show reaches 1.3+ million households, with a frequency of 28 on-air showings.  At the same time, each video interview is syndicated online via a customized video/blot platform to increase internet search rankings.

    Dirk Freeman, IPTVBoyz/dBIZnet.TV President and Operations Director, a 27+ year veteran of TV broadcast and production, states "From broadcast production, to media placement, to web syndication using our proprietary, proven Video/Blog platform we built from the ground up, we do the heavy lifting to deliver cost-effective results for local businesses."

    Mark Eibner, Director of SEO Technology, describes the opportunity with "Today's winners in SEO and SEM are first-page Google results, not just text returns, but with Video returns.  Studies show that the internet's growth sectors are Online Video and Social Media -- a critical combination we've delivered time after time for our clients."



    Posted on September 22, 2010 14:24:35 by Blog Author Broker.IPTV

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