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Less is More for 2013

Moving vanLess clutter, less stress, less work.  "The less I have, the more convinced I become that less is better." writes real estate broker, Teresa Boardman on Inman News.

Our homes and offices are filled with stuff we no longer use, have outgrown or possibly never used but couldn't part with- i.e.: that lovely hot pink vase your Aunt Mary gave you for your birthday.

Well now you can join a group of people who have pledged to "Get Rid of Clutter" this year.  Connecticut real estate broker, Linda Davis started a group on Facebook for people who want to de-clutter. As a Realtor, Linda sees the pressure of dealing with all that clutter when you move.  So she decided to start this group as a way for people to connect and encourage each other to de-clutter their lives.

"I have watched my clients struggle with excess stuff when it's time to move," writes Boardman, and it isn't a pretty picture. They put it in boxes and haul it with them to a bigger house which they now need because they have so much stuff."

Clutter is a huge obstacle when selling your home.  Seniors, especially, are often reluctant to part with belongings they have had for 30 years or more and resent the disruption to their lives.     

One thing at a time, is how Davis suggests you do it.  She takes pictures each day of something she has gotten rid of and challenges her "friends" to do the same.

De-clutter your office too.  

"Nothing creates clutter like a real estate office in the home." says Boardman.   "I found boxes full of stuff that I'll never use again."    

Be Responsible with your Old Equipment

New technology has left us with piles of old equipment that needs to be recycled properly.  Sometimes, there are places that can re-use old office equipment and computers, but if not, make sure you contact a reputable recycling center.

Having Less is More Efficient

The less clutter you have to work around, means you will be better organized.  

"Having empty drawers in my office is very cool." writes Boardman.   "Being able to put everything away means that there are no more stacks on the floor. I have room in my file cabinets and even on my desk and no plans to fill the space with new stuff." 

This is a great time to start working on the clutter in our lives, at home and at the office. "Spend 2013 dealing with one item at a time until you have an empty drawer or two of your own." suggests Boardman.  "It is very rewarding and maybe even life changing."

Read the full story at Inman News

 Creative Commons License photo credit: ☺ Lee J Haywood


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