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The Secrets to Getting on Page 1 of Google

Google SearchAre you on Page 1 on Google Search?  And why does it matter whether you are on Page 1 of Google? Does the whole idea of internet marketing have you frazzled? 

Let's face it, search engines (SEO) are an essential part of everyone's lives. 

Over 17 BILLION searches were conducted in January 2012 for goods and services. Getting found online when a customer searches for your type of business IS EVERYTHING!

 "But I have a website!"  You say.  "That means customers can find me online!"   Just because you have a website, doesn't mean you will be on Page 1 of search, and customers won't go to page 2.  Test it out, conduct your own search online for "your type of business" in "your town" + "your specialty"... does your site come up? 

You need to have an ONLINE PRESENCE in order to be found in search. Unless you type in your full URL, your website doesn't show up, and that means you actually don't have much of an online presence at all since no one can find you without typing in the address to your website.  

Build your online presence through articles, videos and blog postings that generate traffic on the web.  Write about your industry!  Establish yourself as the "authority" in your area of expertise.  Create interesting videos about your community and local area. Establish trust with your clients by offering free exclusive information to entice them to use you as their trusted resource.

Know your customers:  When posting information about your business, you have to know your clients and their interests.  Social Media is a great way to promote your business without "selling" your business.  Sharing relevant content will engage your audience more than selling your services over and over again.  You can offer an exclusive deal, only for your Facebook Page followers, but keeping your followers interested in what you have to say, is what social media is all about.

Lead Generation:  When customers find your website, you want to "capture the lead" by getting their email address.  Do this by offering them something of value; a monthly newsletter, a free article on "First Time Homebuying" or some other specialty.  This is known as a "call to action" and helps you build your community.

Build your community.  Turn your customers into fans by blogging to their interests.  Develop a following of people who will share and participate in your posts. 

Now, having said all of this, your online reputation is of the utmost concern. If your online reputation is negative, if your website is boring and uninteresting, then being found online won't bring you more business.   Take control of your online reputation and keep track of all customer reviews.  If you find a bad one, take it as constructive criticism and work with it. 

Hire a professional to help you streamline your website and make it as user friendly as you can. Add video and interesting articles, and of course your call to action to grab those leads!

With 68% of all searches happening on Google, internet marketing is a must for businesses wanting to grow.   When used properly, SEO is a fantastic marketing tool.



Posted on February 15, 2012 10:02:57 by Blog Author Broker.IPTV

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