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Video Brings Power to your Website

Video editingVideo increases a user's "Time on Page", says Jacob Klein, a Search Engine analyst at Distilled.  Time on page is how long someone spends on your site. 

The SEO Benefits of Video Content

"When Google analyzes your site, they are looking for several indicators including page quality, relevance and keyword instances." says Klein. "Multimedia objects add value to all three of these metrics."

An important indicator of page quality that Google looks for is how long the user stays on your site and whether they click on links.  Video increases a user's Time on Page- "which seems to becoming more important every day." says Klein.  "Not to mention people are more likely to link to your content if it contains multimedia content."   

The relevance of your site means is it attracting visitors looking for what you sell?  Keywords play a big part in this.  Google offers a great search-based keyword tool to help you use the keywords that will drive traffic to your site.

"Pages containing videos that also have text and images will often both rank better and get crawled more often," writes Phil Nottingham, an SEO consultant in London, "therefore including text descriptions, stills or transcripts alongside the video is always worthwhile if suitable."

Adding video to your website gets results.  Visitors engage with video, resulting in more leads and more business.

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